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My passion in life is making and sharing music. I'm a composer, orchestral/choral conductor, classical guitarist and organist. Below you'll find more about what I do.

As a guitarist, I have been invited to perform twice at the Ibero-Americano Guitar Festival in Washington DC, twice at the Eastern Shore Guitar Festival and Workshop in Maryland, at the Bethelem Guitar Festival at the Moravian College, and guitar festivals and competitions in the Dominican Republic, among others. I have performed two solo recitals at Carnegie Hall in NY; at El Teatro Nacional, El Teatro del Cibao, the National Conservatory of Music, the Universidad Autónoma and the Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic; Bilkent University and Marmara University in Turkey; East Carolina University, University of Virginia, George Washington University, Pacific Union College, City College, Randolph College, Sweet Briar College, Brooklyn College, Mary Baldwin College, Shenandoah University and Liberty University in the USA; plus many churches, TV and Radio stations throughout the USA, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Turkey, Venezuela, and Canada. I was the recipient to the highest classical music award (El Casandra, now known as El Soberano) in the Dominican Republic and I have organized seven guitar festivals in the Dominican Republic, where I have invited renowned guitarists. I teach guitar at Randolph College and I have taught guitar at Sweet Briar College, Shenandoah University, the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, and the Conservatorio Nacional de Música of Santo Domingo. I also studied for a year with Adam Holzman at the University of Texas at Austin, and I have taken masterclasses with Alírio Díaz, Leo Brouwer, Nicholas Goluses, Aldo Rodríguez, Ricardo Cobo and Benjamin Verdery, among other famous guitarists.

As a composer, I write music that shares joy, love, peace and healing. My music is very melodic, poetic, expressive and people love it for its beauty. I have awarded top prizes in hymn competitions and my compositions are performed by internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles. My sacred music, which consists of music for choir, organ, piano, guitar and hymns, cover all the church year. Many of my compositions can be heard in my Youtube channel. I have taught music analysis, counterpoint, harmony and music appreciation in several schools, including the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, the Conservatorio Nacional de Música of Santo Domingo, and the Instituto de Cultura y Arte. I studied composition with Tania León, Alice Parker and William Averitt, and counterpoint with the Dominican composer, Manuel Simó.

As an orchestral/choral conductor, I have led the Filarmónica del Cibao, the Shenandoah University Symphony Orchestra, and the Sinfónica Juvenil "Juan Pablo Duarte". As a choral conductor, I have led the "National Police Choir", the Supreme Court of Justice Choir and I have been a section leader at the "National Choir", all in the Dominican Republic. I studied orchestral conducting with Jan Wagner, Jan Wnek, Fernando Geraldes and Scott Nelson; and choral conducting with Robert Shafer, and Steven Cooksey.

As a church musician, I have worked in churches as organist and choir/music director since 1991. I have four of the five professional certifications that the AGO (American Guild of Organists) awards and a Doctorate of Sacred Music from the Graduate Theological Foundation. I am a member of the AGO and I perform sacred music guitar recitals in churches. I am the music director and organist at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, and I studied organ with Frank Speller, Steven Cooksey, Dale Krider and David Norfrey.

I began my musical studies at the Music Academy "Patria" in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, and later attended the Conservatorio Nacional de Música of Santo Domingo where I studied with guitar teachers Rafael Lagares and Luis Francisco Simó. Then I completed my music studies in the USA.

University Degrees and Certifications

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