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I love music and it's the principal channel through which I carry out my purpose in life and try to make a little positive contribution. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and these are my musical activities:
- Compose and arrange music and sell it in this website as PDF or paper copy.
- Play the classical guitar or organ anywhere in the USA and abroad.
- Music director and organist at the Aldersgate UMC in Charlottesville, VA.
- Music director of the Madison Choral Society.
- Teach guitar at Randolph College & Mary Baldwin University.
- Play therapeutic guitar music for patients at the UVA Medical Center and the Hospice of the Piedmont.
- Teach private guitar lessons in my guitar studio in Charlottesville.

Latest News:

* Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Charlottesville Classical Guitar Festival & Competition. They were:
1st place: Octavio Deluchi (Brazil) (Watch video)
2nd place: Maya Loncar (USA) (Watch video)
3rd place: Jordan Colquitt (USA) (Watch video)
4th place: Joseph Tollefsen (USA) (Watch video)

* Listen here to Meditation No. 1 for Flute and Guitar.

* Listen to my chamber music composition "Trio de Amigos" for viola, bassoon and guitar.

* Check out my newest chamber music publication: 5 Air Trios for Bb Clarinet, French Horn and Piano. It's in my compositions page.

* Check my website for guitar activities in Charlottesville, VA: You'll find information on the Charlottesville Classical Guitar Concert Series and the Charlottesville Classical Guitar Festival & Competition.

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