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CD's & Downloads by Rafael Scarfullery

       You can buy directly from me the 4 guitar CD's below through PAYPAL
       and I'll send them to your address the next business day. If you do so,
       you're supporting my composing career directly, which will encourage me
       to compose more. If you prefer to download the music, you can do so also
       by buying a CD and then downloading the music to your computer or
       device. If not, you can buy the download online. Just type the title of the
       CD in your browser and many options will appear, but keep in mind that
       big companies pay artists almost nothing. The prices below include shipping,
       so there are no extra costs.

    5 Suites for Guitar, by Rafael Scarfullery.

Love Suite, Dominican Suite, Indian Suite, October Suite and Dance Suite.

   Preludes 1-24 for Guitar, by Rafael Scarfullery.

   Herta's Garden for Guitar, by Rafael Scarfullery.
        Stargazing, Cloud's Path, Swaying Branch, Radiant Afternoon, Saturday
         Evening, Dream, Gentle Breeze, Cloudy Sky, Playful Tree, Under a Tree,
         Leaves' Journey, Lovely Walk, Sunset, Ondulating Tree, Under the Rain,
         Sunny Midday and Peaceful Rest.


   Sweet Hour of Prayer for Guitar, by Rafael Scarfullery.
Rock of Ages, Nearer My God to Thee, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence,
         Now I Belong to Jesus, Morning Has Broken, Nearer Still Nearer, Face to
         Face, Wondrous Love, God Will Take Care of You, Hear Our Prayer O
         Lord, Sweet Hour of Prayer, More Love to Thee, We Gather Together,
         Just As I Am, Wonderful Peace, Have Thine Own Way Lord, Not I But
         Christ, Fairest Lord Jesus.


Copyright 2020 Rafael Scarfullery