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  • Composition Commisions & Arrangements. I can compose specific music for you or your institution. It can be for a special event, a concert, anniversary, birthday, dedication, or to honor a person. The instrumentation is up to you: A song, a sonata for one or more instruments, a choir anthem for a church, a piece for a community or school choir, an orchestral work, a film score, a commercial jingle, a CD project or a music video. Here how it works:
    • We meet in my music studio in person or talk by phone about your ideas and expectations, music style, instrumentation, length, etc.
    •  I compose the music and send it to you for review.
    •  I consider your feedback, finalize it and do the final delivery.

    As a composer, I work very fast and complete all composition and arrangement commissions by the deadline. I can create beautiful and lasting melodies. I play the organ, piano and classical guitar. I have experience as an instructor of musical analysis, harmony, counterpoint and fugue and I have experience as an orchestral and choral director that allows me to understand the voice and musical instruments. My fees are very affordable and below the US national average.

  • Professional Guitarist
    • Classical music recitals and concerts
      With more than 20 years performing professionally, my repertoire includes standard European music, concertos for guitar and orchestra, Spanish music, Latin-American music, Dominican music, my original compositions and arrangements, Asian music, Flamenco and my sacred Christian arrangements.
    • Weddings and Receptions
      I travel mostly anywhere in the USA and abroad. My repertoire features some of the most cherished songs and compositions for weddings and receptions. I also can arrange the music that you love, if it's not in my repertoire.
    • Sacred music recitals for churches
      I play in churches classical guitar concerts of sacred music and Christian hymn arrangements.
    • Therapeutic Music
      I'm a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and this allows me to play, compose and improvise therapeutic music for patients who are with high anxiety and stress, temporarily or critically ill/injured, before or after surgery, with Alzheimer's and with other conditions. 
    • Private and corporate parties or dinners
      I usually play the classical guitar in events for companies and organizations. My repertorie features some of the most famous songs and my performance adds a special touch to each event.
    • Studio recording
      I've spent many hours in recording studios, so I'd be honored to be a part of your recording project.

  • Conducting orchestras and choirs
  • I've conducted orchestras and choirs both in the USA and the Dominican Republic.

  • Music teacher:
  • Check out my Guitar Lessons page to know more my teaching studio. My students are from all leavels: Advanced, intermediate, and beginning.
    Besides guitar, I also teach:
  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Composition
  • Music Analysis

  • Organist
  • I have four of the five American Guild of Organists' certifications and a Church Music Certificate. I can add a lot of creativity and beauty to a church service, wedding or a funeral. I can also prepare for your church a special Hymn Festival, where your church congregation can sing along with creative organ performances.

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