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  • Composition & Arrangement Commissions and Special Requests

  • Do you need a new composition to premiere in a special event, such as aconcert, anniversary, birthday, dedication, to honor a loved one? A simple song, music for one or more instruments, for choir, orchestra, film, commercial, a CD project, music video? Here how it works:
    • We meet in my music studio in Charlottesville or talk by phone about your ideas and expectations, music style, instrumentation, length, etc.
    •  I compose the music and send it to you for review.
    •  I consider your feedback and finalize it.

    As a composer, I work very fast and complete all composition and arrangement commissions by the deadline. I can create beautiful and lasting melodies. I play the organ, piano and classical guitar. I have experience as an instructor of musical analysis, harmony, counterpoint and fugue and I have experience as an orchestral and choral director that allows me to understand the voice and musical instruments.

    Is it worthy? Imagine if the music you commission becomes part of the standard repertoire. Famous musicians would perform it and your name would always be associated with the music. If it doesn't, you'd have at least a beautiful memoir for sharing with audience, your relatives and friends. Art is priceless.
    Can I afford it? My fees are very affordable and below the US national average. I can send you that information so you can compare or you can search online.

  • Professional Guitarist:
    • Classical music recitals and concerts
      With more than 20 years performing professionally, my repertoire includes standard European music, concertos for guitar and orchestra, Spanish music, Latin-American music, Dominican music, my original compositions and arrangements, Asian music, Flamenco and my sacred Christian arrangements.
    • Weddings and Receptions
      I travel mostly anywhere in the USA and abroad. My repertoire features some of the most cherished songs and compositions for weddings and receptions. I also can arrange the music that you love, if it's not in my repertoire.
    • Sacred music recitals for churches
      I play in churches classical guitar concerts of sacred music and Christian hymn arrangements.
    • Therapeutic Music
      I'm a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and this allows me to play, compose and improvise therapeutic music for patients who are with high anxiety and stress, temporarily or critically ill/injured, before or after surgery, with Alzheimer's and with other conditions. I practice therapeutic music in private homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and other healthcare facilities.
    • Private and corporate parties or dinners
      I usually play the classical guitar in events for companies and organizations. My repertorie features some of the most famous songs and my performance adds a special touch to your event.
    • Studio recording
      I've spent many hours in recording studios, so I'd be honored to be a part of your recording project.

  • Conducting orchestras and choirs
  • I've conducted orchestras and choirs both in the USA and the Dominican Republic.

  • Music teacher:
  • Check out my Guitar Lessons page to know more my teaching studio. My students are from all leavels: Advanced, intermediate, and beginning.
    I also teach:
  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Composition
  • Music Analysis

  • Organist
  • I have four of the five American Guild of Organists' certifications, a CMC and a DSM in church music. I can add a lot of creativity and beauty to a church service, wedding or a funeral. I can also prepare for your church a special Hymn Festival, where your church congregation can sing along very creative organ performances.

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